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22nd September 2019 
About Me. Me

This is me...

I understand how it feels to be so stressed that your head is about to explode. I can relate to feeling so low that there is no light left inside or words in your mind.

I have learnt that looking after your mental wellbeing is of the upmost importance. I had a nervous breakdown in 2008 due to a combination of a heavy workload and stress. My recovery journey has been up and down over the years, but I have discovered lots of coping mechanisms and I know my triggers, which prevent me from having a relapse.

Reiki has been a huge part of my recovery; it has taught me to trust my gut and intuition, it has helped me to learn balance and also to be kinder to myself.

I am very in tune with people and I have sincere empathy and a passion for the wellbeing of others. I am extremely grateful that I am able to help those who may be struggling with the pressuring demands of life by offering Reiki treatments. Testimonials about me:

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